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Welcome to Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle.Com.  We appreciate your visit!

Hamilton Show Cattle is an affiliate of Hamilton Farms.  Hamilton Farms has been in operation for over 100 years raising grain crops, hay and beef cattle.  In 1998 the farm operation expanded into the show cattle industry with Dwight Paul and Lynette showing feeder calves and steers.  Hamilton Farms is owned by Dwight and Bertha Hamilton.  Farm operations are handled by their children, Dwight Paul and Lynette.  The farm is located at 8859 US Rt. 50 East Hillsboro, Ohio with the pasture field located approximately one mile farther east on US Rt. 50.

Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle is proud to bring a quality selection of show heifers and show steers.  We take pride in the cattle we raise and will continue “customer service” after the sale.  Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle is a family business with operations focused on producing sound cattle with quality bloodlines that will produce top quality calves to compete in the show ring.  Top named club calf sires such as Critical Mass, Pale Face, Heat Seeker, My Turn, Manchild, Hannibal, Dr. Who and Direct Hit are just a few used for A-I breeding of Hamilton Show Cattle’s cow herd.

In 2009, Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle expanded their operation into the acquisition of an interest in the "hottest" new club calf bull in America - "MY TURN".  We are also the new owners of "PALE FACE" producing past, present and future show ring winners.  In 2011, Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle once again expanded the operation with the acquisition of an interest in "CRITICAL MASS" - "A point or situation at which change occurs".  We are excited to see this new 2014 calf crop.

Dwight Hamilton Show Cattle also offers top named club calf Semen for sale, just give us a call or check us out on Facebook.